Thursday, August 12, 2010

You cannot resist the Chamisul gnomes

I'm fascinated by this recent commercial for Chamisul brand soju. These little cartoon characters come prancing around the bottles and physically manipulate people into relaxing their inhibitions, like invisible puppeteers; it's both cute and disturbing at the same time.

Also, the ad appears to encourage drinking Chamisul at work to raise your spirits when your boss is giving you a hard time:


  1. Hi, I'm really glad I've just discovered your blog, and I'm looking forward to reading more!

    There's so many posts though, that I honestly really don't know where to start, but with this one at least I realized that I could pass on Gord Sellar's take on that Chamisul ad if you're interested:

    Hope you enjoy it, and now please excuse me as I go through your archives!

  2. Thanks for the link - I was not familiar with that blog, and it's fun to see that someone else shared my reaction to the above ad.

    Oh, and thanks for checking out my humble blog!