Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo of Kim Jong Eun published, golden opportunity lost forever

North Korea finally published an official photograph of its intended future leader Kim Jong Eun, Kim Jong Il's second son by his third wife. Here he is shortly after getting appointed to a variety of high-level posts which effectively make him the 2nd in command of the country:

In revealing this photo to the world, North Korea wasted a rare opportunity to make some real cash selling something other than drugs or missiles. For years, North Korea watchers have had to be satisfied with one grainy, outdated photo of the heir apparent as an awkward teen. Various media outlets have demonstrated their willingness to pay big bucks for a more recent photo, as Barbara Demick of the LA Times recently reported. One Japanese  TV network even paid $1600 last year for an "exclusive photo" which turned out to be just a photo of some random South Korean construction worker downloaded from the internet. In recent months networks have grown so desperate that they have begun pointing out random people who happen to be standing beside Kim Jong Il in official news photos and claiming they are Jong Eun.

If celebrities today can get hundreds of thousands of dollars for photos of their babies (which, let's face it, just look like babies), I figure North Korea could have picked up some easy cash itself by auctioning off the first images of this grown man to the highest bidder. Too late for that now...

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