Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making Green Onion Kimchi with Unni

This time of year, Unni loves to cook with fresh spring vegetables. When possible, she prefers to buy vegetables from the ajumma street vendors, because she thinks they're healthier and she appreciates the work that goes into tending and selling one's own vegetables. The other day on our trip to Kyongju she purchased a bulk supply of green onions, and then we used them to prepare green onion kimchi.

Unni seemed to deliberately choose one of the more humble and forlorn-looking vendors
First we mixed various ingredients to make the yangnyum (base sauce). This included kochu-karu (red pepper powder), minced garlic, minced ginger, sugar, and myeolchi aekjeot (fermented anchovy sauce).

Then Unni put in the green onions (unchopped) and rolled them around until they were good and coated.

We let the onions soak in the juices for about an hour and then stored the result in a big plastic tub in our refrigerator. Green onion kimchi can pretty much be eaten right away, though other kinds of kimchi should be stored for a while for maximum flavor.

Unni and I usually cook together on the weekends. I am the vegetable-chopper, table-setter and dishwasher, and Unni is the head chef. Before I came to live with her, Unni never used a cookbook. She always just cooked things the way she remembered her mother doing it. One of my first purchases after moving in was an all-purpose Korean family cookbook. Since then Unni has come to appreciate using it as a handy reference material, and she will sometimes ask me to go look up such-and-such in the cookbook.

Actually we are now on our second book. When Unni's aunt was visiting us from Hawaii, she liked our cookbook so much she decided she must have it for herself, so she bought it from me and I went out and got another one.


  1. That looks pretty good. I'd eat it.

    Since I was young, never been much of a fan of the cabbage kimchi. Cucumber is good, too.

  2. Hey Kushibo, I'm a big fan of yours! Thanks for viewing my blog ^^