Sunday, February 5, 2012

Revenge of the Nerds

This giant poster recently appeared at the front gate of the elementary school I pass every day on my way to work. These are current 6th graders who have been accepted to prestigious international schools in Seoul. To get in, they must already have excellent English skills and pass a very challenging test (yes, an admissions test for junior high school). For that achievement, they are honored in these larger-than-life images which stare down at their less accomplished classmates, presumably inspiring the junior students to work hard so they can get on next year's poster. It is noteworthy that all four admitted students are female.

I tried to explain to Unni just how badly I would have gotten my ass kicked if they had done stuff like this back at my elementary school in the US. Apparently, although bullying is a serious problem in South Korea, the star students are not victimized as much.

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  1. This sure is something different.On one hand, they encourage the others showing the achievements of these top students, but I'm pretty sure there's a downside to their entering prestigious schools. I've read quite a lot about how much pressure is put on these kids and how much they have to study. I'm in last year of high school myself, and I'm pretty sure I could say I'm stressed, but I can't compare to what's going on in their lives.