Wednesday, March 21, 2012


With world leaders set to descend on Seoul for the big Nuclear Security Summit next week, the South Korean authorities are justifiably concerned about security. Thus ads like this one, which popped up recently on a news website frequented by North Korean defectors:

The ad announces that the reward money for successfully reporting spy activity has increased. The reward for reporting a spy, formerly 100 million won (~$100,000), is now 500 million, and the reward for reporting a spy boat has gone up from 150 million to 750 million. The ad concludes with the catchy slogan, "A successful Nuclear Security Summit begins with firm security awareness," followed by the hotline numbers for reporting spies.

Meanwhile, in a stirring vote of confidence for Seoul's security measures, the US embassy sent out another one of their security bulletins recently, this one recommending that US citizens stay away from the COEX Center unless directly involved with the summit. To be fair, the US embassy sends out security warnings to US citizens about as often as I recharge my cell phone.

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