Who is Unni?

Lovely and talented Unni!
Unni is a Korean word for one's older sister, if one is female. It is also used by women to address any female friend older than themselves, since referring to one's elders by their first names is considered impolite.

In this blog, when I refer to Unni I am talking about my housemate and bestest Korean friend. Here is a picture of Unni in our home, holding her sister's dog:

Unni is a professional ceramics painter and also teaches classes on ceramic art. She has a studio called "Cerawork" near Hansung University Station, where she teaches classes Monday through Saturday. Here is a sampling of some of her work:


Here is what her studio looks like:

How I Met Unni
One of Unni's students is the mother of my former next-door neighbor from Kyoto, a Korean named Heejin. Right around the time I was planning on moving to Korea, Heejin found out through her mother that Unni was looking for a housemate. On the basis of Heejin's introduction, Unni agreed to take in both me and my kitty, despite having no previous experience of living with either kitties or foreigners.

This could have easily been a recipe for disaster in so many ways, but luckily it worked out perfectly. Our success as roommates owes much to Unni's easy-going personality and enthusiasm for showing me her country. She always takes care of me and takes me along with her to family events, Korean historic sites, and fancy ceramics exhibitions. We always cook together on the weekends and watch Korean dramas together most evenings. She sometimes says hilarious things and doesn't mind if I write blog posts about it. And she never hassles me to teach her English (at least, not with any sincerity). She is even nice to my kitty, even though my kitty is still not sure about her. She is a very pretty, pretty lady, and artistic and talented too. That is why she gets a special page on my blog!